A Midsummer Night's Dream

Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

Monday - Pentecost - Text Deadline - Game Night

Dear EDG,

on Monday we want to do a Game Night at Stefan's place (please read Franzi's E-Mail for details).

Some suggestions:

1) Food: Anyone interested in BBQing? Or would you prefer that everyone brings a little something?
2) Drinks: Does everyone bring something and what?
3) Pick-Up: Who needs to be picked up? Where?
4) Games: Any indispensable games, which you would totally like to play but don't have? Maybe someone has a game that shouldn't be missed out on on a game night!

My answers (Stefan B.) are:

1) Definitely BBQing - the weather report so far says: NO RAIN =).
2) I can organize beer and also still have Love-In-Idleness.
3) No, I live here.
4) Werewolf... it would also be cool if we could play the murderer game we used to play over the semester, but now merely limited to one evening...?



  1. Hey,

    I'd be in, if that's ok.

    1) BBQ sounds great
    2) I could bring some "Malzbier"
    3) No, tram is ok
    4) also werewolf, and does - by chance - anyone own a copy of "once upon a time"? I ordered it, but it's not gonna be there until monday.

  2. I'm definitely in =)

    1) BBQ =D definitely, and I think I will bake something ;)
    2) I will mix something alcoholic... be suprised
    3) Please pick me up at my place, I am afraid I will get lost on the way =)
    4) I will bring werewolf and I have that "Team Work" that we played at the last Christmas Party, but a special edition "Feasts and Celebrations". I definitely wanna play "Ich habe noch nie" to get to know everybody and I can bring dice and a cup for "Meyern".

  3. I'd like to come, too :)

    1) BBQ is okay for me, I'll bring some salad.
    2) Don't know yet :D
    3) I think I'll find the way.
    4) I've some board games like Carcassonne, but it's just for 6 players. I'll bring it if so. interested.

    Best, Silke

  4. I'll come too, if i find you this time...
    (God, last time I ran all over the campus with my big bowl of noodle salad for bbqing and couldn't find any of you guys :D)

    1) BBQ! I'll make this darn noodle salad again
    2) Coke, Fanta, Sprite
    3) Bike
    4) Loaded Questions is a great get-to-know game and Tarantel tango! Be surprised ;)


  5. I'd love to come!

    1)BBQ sounds great, I'll bring some chips
    2)wine? but i have to see what i can find
    3)i'll get there
    4) nothing specific in mind

  6. Hey It´s Jan w
    1)BBQ? Sounds nice
    2) Don´t know what I´ll bring but it´ll be non-alcoholic
    3)Pick up from Tram Station would be nice
    4) I´m afraid I ogt no game for that many persons that lasts under 2 hours

  7. Jan W
    1) BBQ ok, will bring potatoe- kraut-salad
    2) Something non alcoholic
    3) Fetch from tram Station ok
    4) don´t know, got no Fitting games