A Midsummer Night's Dream

Samstag, 21. April 2012


Dear All,

next Friday (April 27th) is no rehearsal. How about barbecueing instead of rehearsing? We could meet at 5 pm...?

I would say everybody brings what he wants to have barbecued for himself plus a little extra (like salad, bread, drinks, etc.). In order to avoid that two people bring the same extra, please post here, what you would bring along. We would also need a barbecue, charcoal, etc. I think Gil volunteered to bring a barbecue, please confirm it nevertheless.

Thanks in advance and looking forwards to your answers!!

Best, Stefan

PS: Concerning what you bring for barbecueing: The past has shown, that it is very helpful if two people put themselves together and share the money on what one brings along...


  1. Okay, I can bring a grill and charcoal, I don't have fluid or something to get it started. Can somebody bring along that? If not let me know, then I will see if I can still get something.

    I'll also bring bread.

    We'll meet at 5 pm in front of the rehearsal room.

    Best, Stefan

  2. I'd bring a sixpack of girly-beer, so grapefruit or lemon or something, and I can also bring a small schocolate-fondue set and schocolate if somebody else would be willing to bring fruits or cookies to dip.

    Looking forward to seeing you all,


  3. Jon Eric will be there as well and Lisa unfortunately can't make it...

  4. Hey there,

    I'll be there and bring some Ketchup and Tzaziki, possibly some noodle salad id I find the time...

    See you then :)

  5. Hey,
    I'll come and bring some juice, but no salad (I'm really bad at making such stuff), so is there anything else I should take care of? Has someone offered to buy fluid for the grill, yet? Else, I could do that.

    By the way: At least one participant of our impro group will join us a bit later. The rest has not answered, yet.

    Looking forward to friday,

  6. Nobody has... so Bernhard please bring it along. I will by the way also bring along a 'Küchenrolle'.

    We would also need plastic cups and plastic cutlery and plastic plates... I don't know how much the Drama Group has in stock so it would be nice if someone could take care of that.

    Best, Stefan

  7. Ok, I'll take care of the pyromancy }:-)
    Can somebody bring a fire extinguisher, just in case? ^^

  8. Just for those who want to come later: We are not anywhere near the rehearsal room, but behind the V-Zahn. If you go into the direction of the HRZ in the University and exit to the right before you cross the doors to the part where the elevators are you are sure to find us.

    If you don't know where that is or can't find us please make sure that you have somebody's mobile or that you are on time at 5.00 pm in front of the rehearsal room where I will pick you up.

    Best, Stefan

    PS: If you feel to lazy to answer then please write me an email what I should post here...

  9. Cem and Marc will take care of plastic cups, forks, knives and dishes for 15-20 ppl (let's see how big the packages are). See you later!

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