A Midsummer Night's Dream

Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

PASTA PASTA on friday!!

hi everybody,

once upon a time, stefan, sabine and jessi planned to go to the "al dente" one day to enjoy a magical pasta dish during "mittagstisch" time...

to ensure they will all live happily ever after, stefan and jessi will meet this friday on 1 pm (unfortunately, sabine doesn't seem to be back in town yet!? :/) and will be even happier if joined by members of the EDG :)

for all who carelessly planned something else or read this too late: don't worry, a repitition seems likely! ;)

p.s. it's probably best you answer in the blog if you plan to come because we might have to reserve a table...


  1. Unfortunately, I can't come this freeday, because I'll be in school then, but I'd be in for a repition somewhen. ;-)
    Have fun!

    Best, Kerstin

  2. I have to go with what kerstin said, just that I´m not in school, just already planned something else. But some other time I would join...

    Anna Lena

  3. I'm afraid I won't be able to make it, a friend of mine is moving house tomorrow and she might need my help. Enjoy the food!

  4. Awesome GSE, guys :-) Yummy food and nice conversations... can't wait for the semester to start and get to work with all of you :-)